Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sharkskin Paint FTW

Dear BMW. I love the new Matte / Sharkskin paint Jobs. Keep it up.  BMW has had a long history of developing trends that make their way into the mainstream while starting on ricer imports, such as Halo lights and the uniwiper. Lets hope this new paint scheme starts to make it into other manufacturers.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Traffic. FML

I am pretty sure roughly 10,000 people moved into the NY metro area over the summer and they all decided to get on the road at once. Seriously, what happened? usually when school goes back into session there is a noticeable gain in traffic, but this is insanity. it has taken me an average of three hours to get to work every morning, and the worst culprit is long island. Even at 6 am the Southern State and Northern State is backed up. The sign on the Wantagh this morning said delays to NSP West to Exit 13. That means that there were delays deep into Queens. If this continues, the train is going to start looking real good, real soon.

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