Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Do you know how to Zipper while driving?

Do you know what the zipper technique is while driving? Many Euroeans have perfected it, and its actually taught as rules of the road in many countries.

The theory behind it is that when merging onto a road, you wait until you reach the very end of the lane and then alternate in between flowing traffic with the car in front of you. Supposedly, the drivers already moving in the right lane are also aware of this, and adjust their driving accordingly. When done correctly, alternating cars merge in, and it looks like a zipper.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="(C) Leo Reynolds, from Flickr"][/caption]

The result is less congested traffic, easier merges and less road rage.  Merges flow nicely, and its great for everyone.

But lets face it, this will never work in America. As much as we try to make it happen, the second you try to let the guy in front of you in, someone else is going to try to push their way into your lane, usually because the guy behind you is too riding your bumper  and doesn't want to let anyone in. I think this says a lot about most american motorists attitude, as it is most likely due to our inherent nature to defend whats ours, as well as over all impatience.


So try this next time you are coming off an on-ramp, or you are in the right lane with others merging in. It really does make more sense.