Thursday, November 10, 2016

Where'd you go?

I feel like I owe an explanation because I haven't posted in a long time.  As of earlier this year, I stopped my insane commute, and traded the roads for the rails. Since moving my office location from New Jersey to midtown Manhattan, it's just not feasible to drive into work everyday. I now take a convenient express train to and from work, and walk about 30 blocks a day.

But I do miss driving. I miss my own music, the time to myself, and the crazy road-rage induced hijinks seen on the roads. But I don't miss the expense of it. With tolls topping $27.50 per day, plus gas, and additional wear and tear, I am saving a ludicrous amount of money commuting by train. For example, assuming a 20-day work month, I am saving an astounding $445 per month. That's nearly enough to offset my rising healthcare premium. Almost. But gas will become more expensive soon, and the pensions in the Port Authority and MTA wont fund themselves, so you can bet that tolls increases will continue to outpace inflation.

So whats the future of this venture? Now that I'm driving about 3 miles per day vs 107 miles, it seems silly of me to continue to write about things encountered on a commute. But I retain an intense passions for cars and automotive culture, and will always enjoy the flipping cars in the very little spare time I have. The blog will likely evolve to cover automotive news and opinions, tips, ideas and trending topics.

I want to thank the people who have been reading and supporting this blog for the last few years. I am always astounded when I look at the traffic stats, and find that tens of thousands of people have visited this page. I'm going to continue to write about automotive stuff for metro NY, but its going to have to adapt to be authentic and true.