My commute to work is 107 miles of Hell from Long Island, NY to NJ. My route that takes me through two states, five counties, across the Cross Bronx Expressway, AKA, (the CBX) “The worst road in America”, (according to AAA), three parkways, four toll plazas and over two major bridges. 

I’m a tech PR guy, but I’m also and a car guy, a father, a photographer and a gear-head. I love cars even though I spend way too much time in them.  In addition to driving, my job takes me all over the country, by rail, by air, by rental and by a lot of taxi cabs.

 So time for the disclaimer – you already know I’m a PR guy. I personally do PR for a major imaging company and audio brand, and have represented major auto brands in the past.  With this in mind, I will write about the automotive industry, and sometimes comment about their PR and marketing practices.  My opinions are mine alone, and my position will have absolutely no bearing on my entries, reviews or opinions. If there is a review of one of these products or a mention, I’ll remind that this is opinion and most likely a shameless plug for a client.